Amazing Tips to keep your car ‘cool’ in summer

How summer temperatures may negatively affect your vehicle. Review our 7 Amazing car care tips so you can confidently cruise all summer long.

You are never on a vacation to care for your car. This special possession of yours demands your attention all year long and as the season change, you too have to come up with ways to show up your love for the car. As the warmer weather sets in, you need to safeguard your vehicle from heat instead of leaving it prone to damage from the scorching sun. Summer car care should always be your priority & here are some tips to get started.

Is Your AC Unit Doing Well?

Summer drives can turn out to be the worst nightmare when your AC unit stops working. As you are already planning a summer health check of your car, don’t forget this essential. Get your AC unit checked by a technician soon.

Get the Engine – Summer Ready!

The sweltering temperature outside further heats your car’s engine too. This makes sense as the major reason for car breakdowns during summer. The coolant level is very important to be well-maintained as it is the central system for the engine’s cool-down process. Besides checking the coolant level every few weeks (at a minimum), go the extra mile and inspect the hose’s connection (when the engine is cool) to make sure it is firm and not squishy or soft. Check if the engine belt needs a replacement.

Give a Check to Fluids

Summers and road trips are made for each other. How will you enjoy smooth long drives if your car is not fluid-filled? Adjust your fuel-change frequency according to your servicing schedule. Never leave your car fluid-thirsty, it will affect the vehicle’s performance a lot. Remember that heat is the #1 transmission killer and if your car lacks fluid, delayed gear engagement or erratic shifts can occur anytime. So don’t put your life at risk & keep up with the fluids regularly.

Fix a Car Wash Regimen

As the dusty wind blows, it will settle on your car’s exterior and instead of giving a glossy surface, your car will dull its look. Also, bird droppings and other contaminants will damage your precious paint. Don’t let the season take away the charm of your vehicle & pre-plan a car wash regimen. All you will need for an easygoing DIY car wash is the right Car Detailing Products and Detailmax Foam & Gloss Car Wash Shampoo will perform better than you can ever expect. It is a brilliant and Hi-Gloss paint conditioner which not only swipes the dirt & grime away but leaves the exterior with a silky shining surface.

How to wash your car with Detailmax Foam & Gloss Car Wash Shampoo?

Give a pre-wash to your car with plain water and remove the thin dust & other dirt with a spray jet.

Add 40ml of car wash shampoo to the bucket of 1 litre water to apply on the surface.

Apply the solution using a microfiber mitt and rub gently on the exterior.

Once the entire surface is rubbed, wash it away with water.

Note: Don’t leave the shampoo applied to dry, applied for long or soak in direct sunlight.

Keep the Dashboard Heat-Protected

It is not just your dashboard but your control panel, which gives you killer vibes whenever you step in the car. Your dashboard is still exposed to harmful UV rays even if you are not driving. In fact, this is the time when most dashboards lose their original shine and start fading. Get your dashboard prepared to stay protected under the sun with long-lasting DetailMax Hi-Shine. The shining brilliance it provides is all you need for dashboard care. In fact, it can also be used for protecting Tires, Trim & Door Panels from minor scuffs. The unique oil-based formula will not let your dashboard fade or crackle.

How to apply DetailMax Hi-Shine?

Prepare the application surface by cleaning it before proceeding with this.

Use the applicator sponge to apply Hi-Shine dressing on tires, trims or door panels.

That’s all. The long-lasting shine is over to your car!

This concludes your dashboard care but do you know that keeping the entire interior cool will keep your engine cool ultimately. Besides giving lustre to your dashboard, keep your leather seats clean.

Don’t wait for Tires to Retire

The highest number of tire blowouts is witnessed in climbing temperatures. Monitoring the pressure levels gets mandatory which can also be done using your vehicle’s onboard monitoring system. A manual check is a great alternative although. Keep your tire pressure levels checked every month and make sure you are following a timely tire-rotating schedule to cope-up with the wear and tear. Steaming roads and badly-maintained tires should not make a deadly combination. Give a health check to your tires and see if they need replacement.

In addition to keeping the tires healthy, giving it a satin finish never sounds bad! Keep your tires dust-free this summer with Detailmax Xtreme Tyre & Trim Dressing which meets the glossy demands of your car.

How to use this exclusive Tire Dressing?

The most amazing thing about using this product is that you don’t need to make any solution but can directly use it. Here are the two simple steps to follow:

Prepare the tire to be cleaned. For this, pre-clean the tire by removing dirt & mud from the tyre, rubber & trims.

Apply the ready-to-use dressing on the tyre, trims & all rubber parts using the applicator.

Last but not least,

Add Paint Care to the List

Once you have thoroughly washed your car, you need to lock its shine and you should have Chemical Guys Jet Seal Acrylic Sealant & Shine Protection in your car care products kit. It restores the natural lustre of your paint and will not let the UV rays damage it. It also forms a protective shield against airborne pollution, fallout contamination, stains, and water spots.

Hope you will make the most of the summer with a sound and protected car! Enjoy the hot weather by caring for your car first with India’s only authorized dealer of Rupes, DetailMax, and Gtechniq.

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