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SCHOLL Concepts – one of the best Car Care Products brands in the World who is known for its distinctive Spider Pad Technology and compatible Polishing Compounds is brought to India by

SCHOLL Concepts – The History

Striking in the detailing world with its expertise and experience for 5 decades, SCHOLL Concepts is a German intelligence. Its unique and innovative products create state-of-the-art paint finish systems for all paint types. The brand is among the revolutionary Global Leaders of Car Polishing & Compounding products and you can swear by the high-end results it creates with its distinctive technology. Known for its tuned results produced with premium polishing pads and compounds, impeccable paint finish is far no more.

Brand Goals

The main goal is to develop an innovative potential for products which offer value-added services to the users. All of its products are designed by strictly adhering to California’s stringent VOC requirements.

The Manufacturing Capabilities

The brand claims to possess a production unit capable of manufacturing an extensive range of high-grade products including polishing pads and compounds meeting the highest standards. Thanks to the constant and optimum upgrade of the manufacturing system, the multi-purpose production line multiplies the capabilities of the brand.

Premium Cutting & Polishing Pads


30% of the Polishing results depend on the proper use of the right polishing pad.

  • Premium Polishing Pads by SCHOLL are multipurpose cutting & polishing pads and can be used with different types of polishers like Rotary and random Orbital Polisher.
  • The shape and form of pads exhibit unique styles and designs.
  • The spider pad technology is the signature feature of the brand.
  • The “Abrafix” pattern on the backside of the pad is enough for instant brand identification & is also a hallmark of quality
  • 2 Categories of Polishing Pad Specialization are manufactured by SCHOLL: Manual and Machine Processing Pads. The Handpucks simplify and make the detailing process painless while distinctive pads prevent paint from burning and produce the optimum paint finishing.
  • Innovatively designed foam pads with calibrated surfaces and double-layer structure for maximum cutting performance and low heat build-up on fresh paint surfaces.
  • Premium polishing pads are designed to treat different defects in the best way with the least effort on varied paint types.
  • Used Paintwork have various types of defects which generally include: Holograms, minor, moderate, deep and extreme scratches
  • Fresh Paintwork doesn’t have many defects but is still expected to be glossy by cleaning away Dust Nibs, Orange Peels, Paint Runs, preparations, and holograms.

High-Performance Rubbing Compounds

  • Highly efficient and intelligent iPT power generation is used in most of the compounds.
  • Creating a perfect paint finish is a one-step or two-step process and this is possible only when you are using supreme performance rubbing compounds by SCHOLL Concepts. From minor to major paint defects, everything can be corrected into a mirror-shine finish with compounds harsh on stains and friendly on paint.
  • The compounds contain the abrasive grain which is based on high-purity, white aluminium oxide powder which brilliantly removes weathered and scuffed paint surfaces in just one operation.
  • The speciality of SCHOLL Compounds is that they create consistent and uniform textures across all paint types.

Using SCHOLL Concepts Car Care Products and Compounds delivers exact results when used in combination with its revolutionary pads which is one of the reasons it is known as a global leader. 

Why SCHOLL Concepts is recommendation-worthy Brand for Detailers?

As a professional detailer or an automobile enthusiast, a customized range of products is desired that fit really well with your needs, and are formulated with high standards and revolutionary technologies and this is exactly what SCHOLL Concept offers you.

The entire range of car detailing products is designed keeping in mind the class of users who are going to benefit from it and this generally includes commercial Bodyshops, professional detailers, detailing enthusiasts and people from the automobile industry. All of its detailing products come with an assorted tag (i.e. B, D, E, I, M) which makes it easy for you to choose whether it will suit you or not.

This is why you can completely rely on its synchronising range of polishing pads and compounds which are ideal for you according to your needs.

You may opt for Detailing Combos by the brand which coordinates really well with your Rotary and Random Orbital Polishers and can be availed as starter kits and more premium kit options are available.

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