Why Professional Detailing Training Matters?

When Car Detailing Training is derived from professionals, it makes a great difference. Here is a brief guide on the details you should know if you are one of those car detailing enthusiasts who are planning to take a training session soon.
Professional Car Care Products are easy and handy to buy but wait, if you don’t know how to use them in the way how professionals do, is your investment worth it?

“To be honest, nobody opts to use these expensive products by reading the accompanying manual. And using the specially formulated products like anything makes no sense.”

100% Relying on International video tutorials is not a good Idea!​
It’s an undeniable fact that a number of car detailing training videos are available on YouTube. But, do you really think that the methods which work for cars in foreign countries will work for Indian cars too? The earth and sky difference exists between climate conditions and the Indian lifestyle.
Even if you ‘know’ every ‘detail’, car detailing training by professionals is always recommended.
Don’t get too excited to buy the products shown in the videos!

The car which is said to be ‘dirty’ in countries other than India is differently defined.

What separates a learner and a professional detailer is the skills & it is the skills that get you paid for!

Learning the right methods makes a difference!
Buying professional car detailing products is not enough to get the job done. Learning the correct techniques to use them can only make your efforts visible else everything is in vain.
For instance, though kids are playing gully cricket, Cricket’s professional coaching classes have batches to train them by polishing their skills.
Let’s look up to the striking advantages you can reap with a car detailing training course.
“Without knowing ‘why’ – the purpose of detailing, ‘How’ – the methods to do it in the right way is impossible to be understood.”
Benefits of Car Detailing Training by Professionals
1. Practical Sessions by Industry Experts
When you choose a professional car detailing academy, you will receive technical and methodological training sessions under experts who have been recognized in the detailing world for years.
Both theoretical and practical training will be provided. Have a glimpse at the ADT detailing training workshop.
The practical use of top-notch products like Rupes Bigfoot Polishers and more by SCHOLL Concepts and DetailMax will be done for trainees.

2. Complete Car Detailing Knowledge
You will be learning the nitty-gritty of how professionals actually detail different parts of the vehicle and the do’s and don’ts that should be implemented for perfection. Give a global platform to your skills with basic to advanced training courses.
3. Turn Detailing Passion into Profession
Detailing Training acts like a Lighthouse if you are keenly enthusiastic to establish strong foundations in the detailing industry. Turn your passion into the profession by gaining technical and practical detailing knowledge from experts.
Sketching yourself as an entrepreneur then becomes swift. Start straightway with your own detailing centre and open the sources of income from the stuff you enjoy doing the most.
4. Become a Certified Car Detailer
A certificate is an honour given to your passion and is an eligibility filter used by the world for your skills. Receive the Auto Detailing Certification under internationally celebrated brands – Rupes, Scholl &Gtechniq and become a Certified Car Detailer.
5. Career Opportunity as Detailing Professional
After being certified as a professional detailer, you have multiple opportunities to make your career shine bright. Once your skillset gets advanced after the training session, you can improve with the techniques which are already in practice, can expect a promotion at work, or think of a start-up of your own detailing centre.
Besides scrolling through the perks of detailing training, here is something very crucial that you need to know right now!
Starting Detailing from Scratch? No Ways!​
Anything begun from scratch demands its own sweet time and investment, obviously. What turns the idea into the biggest failure is…
The Myth: “I will look up to the tutorials, and buy the best products shown. I would then decide the best working car care product after using them all.”
The Fact: Researching will kill your time & trial & error phase can be extremely costly for your business growth.
Industry experts who are dealing with time-tested products have the best knowledge regarding the same. They can show you the correct application methods and proven techniques so you don’t waste time & money. The ‘experts’ are not just to be said but to be acknowledged.
Besides this, they will share detailed insights face-to-face during the training. The question here is: “Whom will you ask if any doubt is aroused in your mind while watching videos?” Live Training is a savage here!
Anckur Sama –The Director of Training
When detailing training is mentioned, Anckur Sama is a professional detailer you would be proud to receive training from.
He is a detailing trainer & mentor who himself is a CD-SV From IDA(International Detailing Association) Practicing in the automobile industry as a celebrated personality for 12+ years, Anckur is lifting car enthusiasts to the next level.
The Founder & CEO of Carzspa(Franchise Module) & Autofresh India’s #1 Car Detailing Products Store is conducting 5 – Days Detailing Training Workshops for more than 12 years. He aided hundreds of entrepreneurs to set up their start-ups & operate professional car detailing outlets in India as well as overseas. The detailers in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are thankful to him for helping them grow their business.
Only a detailer understands the enthusiasm of a detailer and can get the complexities sorted for you. With easily understood techniques, he makes detailing sorted for you. Derive his years of experience through training & give a platform to your skills. Those who are already having a fire in their veins just need to be pushed in the right direction to get going. The time is now!
ADA – Rupes, Scholl & Gtechniq Certified Detailing Training Center
Anyone can claim to be a car detailer but few can actually detail them like professionals, be amongst them. is India’s authorized importer, distributor and detailing training centre for all the entitled major brands.
A brief overview of what you can learn with us:
1. The ‘how’ & ‘why’ of professional detailing
2. Paint Evaluation Techniques – How to work with different types of car paint for best results?
3. Types of Polishers
4. The importance of Decontamination
5. Wet vs. Dry Sanding
6. Sanding with & without Polishers
7. Finding & Correcting the defects – Swirl Marks, Buffer trails& Holograms
8. Quartz, Ceramic & Titanium Paint Coating Applications & Techniques
9. In-depth knowledge of the Detailing Chemicals
10. Finding & Using the best compatible compounds, polishes & pads
11. Anti-glare & Water-repellent Coatings
12. Headlight Restoration & Coatings
So what are you waiting for? Enrol with our Car Detailing Academy. We have been training detail passionates like you for years.
We welcome you to the world of detailing training where you arrive as a layman but leave as a Certified Detailing Professional.
To know more: Please contact us at 9825604000 or write to us at
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