Tips & Techniques for Car Polishing

Tips & Techniques for Car Polishing

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Get the expert advice before start your car polishing.  

If you are a car owner you might know what is car polishing and it’s importance. It is well known and the most common method which helps to improve your car’s finish. Car polishing will help you to protect and extend the life of the paint. But people miss it while they do washing and waxing.
If polishing is done properly it revives the car’s exterior. Car polisher will remove contaminants from the surface as well as subsurface. You will need car polishing machine to polish the surface and make it ready for waxing.
Autofresh is giving you quick tips and techniques which will help you to polish your car properly.

Car cleaning is required before polishing. So before polishing task wash your car properly. You have two option either wash it by hand or you can get it done by an automatic car wash system. Because the clean surface of the car is required before you begin the polishing process. If there is dirt on the surface it will scratch the paint. So wash and rinse your car properly to get the better result.

Polishing speed should be slow. No matter which polishing machine you are using, don't try to polish full car at a time. Polish a small area at a time. You can work on 2x2 foot area at a time to get the better result.Overlapping strokes will help you to cover more area.
Better buffering will help you to keep the polish even. It doesn’t matter you do it by machine or you do it by hand. Polishing will take longer time compared to buffer. If you are going to use buffer make sure you use it properly.
First, apply the sufficient amount of polish on the pad and after that spread it on the car’s surface. Before it doesn't turn on the buffer.
Kep the pad to the proper level to ensure that even pressure is applied to surface
buffing process should be stopped before it dries to keep the cord away from the car’s finish
make sure pad don't come in contact with the ground because single drain of dirt on the can scratch the surface. So if the pad touches the ground or comes in contact with dirt replace it before starting the process again.
Only Washing a car can't help you to keep it’s finishing as it is. So polish your car once in a while.

Tips from Autofresh experts to get best car polishing

First of all to get the better results and guaranteed results you need to use best quality products which you can get from Autofresh’s  online store.
Car polishing should be done frequently so that you can get effective results.
Polishing pads also play an important role. You can purchase polishing pads from our store. We have various range of polishing pads which are used for the different process. 

Buy Circular pads to get the best effectiveness. Follow the guide or instruction came with a product to integrate steps properly or you can contact the manufacturer. You can get the help by video tutorial which is available online free of cost.

Online purchase of car detailing products is the best way to get the best products at reasonable price. Visit our site to check out the varieties of product and features of the car polisher.

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