Difference between Base Coat and Top Coat in Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating consists of 2 different types of coatings i.e., Base Coat and Top Coat. Both coats have different properties and methods of application. Hence, let’s learn the basics. 

Learn about the difference between base coat and topcoat in this FAQ series.

Base Coat and Top Coat both are applied to an automobile surface to protect the surface from minor scratches, dirt, chemicals, etc. However, both coats differ from each other in various properties and usage.

Base Coat!

The Base Coat is the foundation coat. Base coats have a high % of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and bond with the surface to create a semi-permanent layer of protection that helps protect the paint against minor scratches, UV rays, and chemical stains.

Base Coats are the coats that provide Hardness to the coating. Therefore, according to its pencil hardness, base coats are called 9H ceramic coating, 10H ceramic coating, etc. If you wish to know more about the science behind ceramic coatings, check out our other blog

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Top Coat 

After applying the base coat and letting it sit for 5 -12 hours as specified by the manufacturer, a topcoat is applied. The top Coat has less % of SiO2 but has all the extra materials and properties that are devoid of the base coat. The top coat makes the surface extra glossy, lustrous, hydrophobic, and smooth.

Base coats also offer these properties but topcoat enhances hydrophobicity and gloss on a vehicle. Therefore, applying a topcoat over a base coat gives the best of both worlds – protection and aesthetics.

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Difference between Base coat and Top coat 

So, to sum it up, Base Coat provides hardness and protection to the surface while the Top Coat makes the surface glossy and hydrophobic. Top Coat does not have a high SiO2 content, hence it has a shorter life span.

A combination of Base Coat and Top Coat makes the car’s surface more durable and attractive.

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