Monsoon Car Care Tips to Get your Car Rain Ready

Monsoon Car Care Tips to Get Your Car Rain-Ready

Monsoon Car Care is very necessary as you cannot let the acidic rainwater harm your precious paint or spoil your interior with an unpleasant feeling. Learn some amazing tips with which you can give the desired care to your car.

Monsoon is here and as the season changes, it demands you to level up your car care efforts accordingly. As the drizzle season sets in, it makes the atmosphere humid. The rainwater which is enjoyable for you can, unfortunately, damage your car in a way you can’t even expect it to. As a car detailer, you should have a safeguarding vision for this season when moisture and humidity are at full strength. Along with the hectic traffic jams, you will also have to face moisture-causing rust and corrosion. The constant rain barrage of rainwater is not at all healthy for your car paint.

Why should you take extra care during the monsoon?

The presence of acidic elements and alkalinity are measured using a pH scale and 7.0 is considered neutral. Any component which is measured to be lower than 7 is more acidic. Opposite to this, the components which are measured to be higher than the neutral measure 7 are less acidic. Normal rain has a pH of about 5.6 and hence it is slightly acidic because carbon dioxide dissolves into it forming weak carbonic acid. Acid rain has a pH between 4.2 and 4.4. You can conclude that even normal rainwater consists of acidic elements that are harmful to your car paint.


Things to Keep in Mind for Car Care During Monsoon

Interior Care

The interior of your car deserves equal care as your exterior. It is the time when muddy shoes, wet clothes and a high level of moisture can damage your interior and leave a long-lasting unpleasant smell. Keeping the water away and the interior dry is the major goal currently. If you don’t want these things to bother you during the rain, treat your vehicle with professional car detailing products. Here are a few things to keep in mind for interior car care.

1. Carpet Care

The carpet is the first thing to get dirty as you step in your car with wet and muddy shoes, though not all the time. You need to clean it with foam-based carpet cleaners. The main benefit of using foam-based cleaners is they dry quickly and you don’t need to wait for hours to dry your carpet or any other interior part. If you use regular cleaners, they will not dry fast and will give a foul smell all the time while you are inside your car. With foam-based cleaners, you just have to fill the concentrated cleaner in the sprayer bottle or Foamers. You then need to apply to spray on the areas you want to clean and then gently rub with the sponge and that’s all. The grime will be removed instantly. Hence, you should use car detailing products according to the season.


2. Leather Seat Cleaning

Your clothes may be wet when you take your seat in the car and they can cause damage to your seat and leave hard-to-remove water spots and tough stains.  You can use a similar foam-based cleaner for easy and hassle-free stain removal from your seats like you do for carpet. It is really very tricky and painful to clean the damp interior all at once after the monsoon and hence you should take necessary care during the season so you don’t have to suffer later. Just spray the foam on your seats and wipe it out and you are done with 2-step seat care.


Exterior Care

1. Paint

When the rainwater hits the vehicle, the outer layer is exposed and hence corroded first due to the acidic elements of rain. The best way to protect your paint from such damage is to give it a shield in the form of a ceramic coating. It protects the exterior of your car not just from rainy acids but contaminants like bird droppings, road salt, and extreme heat.



The benefits of ceramic coating are not just limited to this; it makes your car cleaning process easier for you by putting the worries of chipping paint at rest. Here are the major benefits of ceramic coating you should know:

  • Maintains the Value of your exterior by protecting it from external elements
  • Gives a long-term crispness and shine to your car
  • Makes your car easy to detail and clean
  • More the hardness level, the more the paint protection
  • The UV protection factor minimizes the impact of sun and other harmful rays
  • Makes the car Scratch and Chemical Resistant and water-repellent
  • Brake Dust Protection doesn’t let even the dust settle on your car

2. Glass

Special care needs to be taken with your windshield glasses during monsoons. The water droplets can blur and block vision even if your wipers are functioning properly. Don’t let this happen to you and risk your life. Here is the difference between coated and uncoated glass. If your glasses are perfectly coated, the vipers will wipe off the water and the vision will be clearer with each wipe. Do the glass coating for the cars with the right products so you can avail its benefits to the maximum with a protective layer on your glass.


The perks of glass coating will make you go for it now:

  • Durability
  • Heat and Chemical Resistance
  • Easy Application and Cleaning
  • Smooth and Shiny Texture

3. Wheel

While the rest of your car is being safeguarded from moisture and humidity, don’t let the wheels left out of sight from being protected. Alloy Wheel Coating is the perfect choice you can choose to go with right now. Since the coating products are intended to protect and ease cleaning at the same time, alloy wheel coating will not let the grime and contaminants on your wheel. It will also make the car washing regimen feel like a breeze as you will have to spend the least time cleaning your wheels.


Planning to give Monsoon Care Treatment to your car?

Proper car care can keep your car in intact condition even after years. If you are planning to give monsoon care treatment to your vehicle, you can choose to proceed with Detailmax All Purpose Interior Foam Based Cleaner for your interior care, Detailmax 9h Ceramic Coating for paint care, Detailmax Glass Ceramic Coating for protecting your glass and Detailmax Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating for alloy wheel care.

Now, this reads well for your car to have a great monsoon but to enjoy a monsoon with proper car care sounds more interesting, doesn’t it? Grab your car detailing products now from India’s #1 Car Care Products Store Online and get amazing offers too!

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