DETAILMAX® super handy brush set of 2 for cleaning cars that comes with detachable brush heads and bent attachments! These brushes are great for cleaning wheels, engines, interiors, car air vents, plastic parts, and other delicate surfaces.

They come with a special bent attachment that helps you clean those hard-to-reach spots, like behind-the-wheel spokes! Just twist on and off the attachments to use the brush you need.

Car detail brushes have been crafted to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning your vehicle.


  • Getting into small spaces: Car detailing brushes have thin, flexible bristles that can go into tight spots that are hard to reach with a regular car cleaning sponge or microfiber towel. This helps you clean every corner of the car.
  • Soft on surfaces: Car cleaning brushes have gentle bristles that are kind to delicate surfaces like leather seats, dashboards, and vinyl upholstery. This prevents scratches or harm to the car’s paint or interior.
  • Good at cleaning dirt: Automotive cleaning brushes can get rid of dirt, dust, and mess from the car’s surfaces, even from tricky spots like air vents and around buttons and knobs.
  • Saves time: Using a car cleaning brush kit helps clean faster and with less work, making cleaning quicker and easier. This means you spend less time detailing your car.

The DETAILMAX® Super Handy Brush Set of 2 is indispensable for professional car detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts. Whether you are tackling the wheels, engine, interior, air vents, or delicate surfaces, these brushes are up to the task.

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