DETAILMAX® Ceramic Spray Coating 500ml


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The Best Spray-On Ceramic Spray Coating!


  • Super Smooth, Super Hydrophobic
  • Spray-On & Wipe Off
  • SIO2 Polymers Shed Water Amazingly
  • Provides Ultimate “Glossy” Look
  • Creates a Slick Paint Surface
  • Use on Paint, Metal, Plastic, & Glass Surfaces
  • Last up to 1 Year

DETAILMAX Ceramic Spray Coating is a more affordable and easier-to-apply version of a traditional ceramic coating.

It will not last the 5-6 years of a conventional pro-grade ceramic coating, however, it can still last a long duration of time when considering the price.

Detaimax Ceramic Spray Coating lasts up to one year!

DETAILMAX Ceramic Spray Coating contains SiO2 particles formulated with polymers to deliver unmatched hydrophobicity and ceramic protection. The ceramic coating sprays are easier to spread, much more forgiving when you make a mistake and require less curing time.

Ceramic Coating Spray can be considered a hybrid coating, and they try to combine the best properties of both materials into a product that’s affordable and easy to apply yourself.

Any wax or sealant on the surface will prevent the ceramic coating from adhering to the clear coat, so it must be removed.

Finally, if you’re going to polish your paint, you need to do so before spraying your ceramic coating.

How To Use:

Once all the prep work is done, applying the ceramic coating spray is really easy.

Spray on the DETAILMAX Ceramic Coating and buff it off using a clean DETAILMAX Microfiber Cloth.

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You're viewing: DETAILMAX® Ceramic Spray Coating 500ml Original price was: ₹1,875.00.Current price is: ₹1,499.00.
Save 20% Availability: In Stock
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