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Autofresh Wholesale Detailer's Account  : Minimum Order Quantity format !

Autofresh brings to you the wholesale & bulk pricing for professional detailers, body shops, dealerships, individuals, enterprises who need products in wholesale or bulk quantity. 

With Minimum Order Quantity format —To qualify for wholesale account  your first order must be of  Rs 50000. Besides of this, they have to order minimum amount of Rs 5000 & above to activate wholesale, bulk pricing on subsequent order.

Once we received your first order of Minimum Rs 50000, your account would be upgraded to wholesale / bulk pricing account.
Discounts are applied immediately as soon as the minimum order quantity added to the cart changes. The discount amount is shown at checkout.

The Benefits:.

1. Lowest wholesale prices. Save big every time!

2. No need to wait for promotions or discounts

3. All products/categories under wholesale bulk prices

4. Wholesale pricing would be applicable on selling price(double discount)

5. Autofresh provides online payments from all of the major banks and credit cards/ debit cards/Netbanking.

6. Cash on Delivery is also available for the Whole Sale Accounts

7. Free shipping.

8. Slabs for your convenience             

Cart Value(Rs)








20000 & above

Flat Rs 2000

Any queries please feel free to email us at contact@autofresh.in or you may call us @9825604000.

Let us help your business make more money!

Thank You 

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