Wall Mount Vac N Blo Vaccum Cleaner
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Wall Mount Vac N Blo Vaccum Cleaner


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Must have equipment fora hi-tech detail shop!

The Metrovac Wall Mount Vac N Blo Vacuum is a powerful vacuum and blower in one, wall-mounted unit. It can be mounted on wall so your floor space is not occupied.The Vac N BloVacuum is designed for convinence and micro detailing

The Metrovac Wall Mount Vac N Blo Vacuum has 4 hp powerand the versatility of being used as a vacuum or a high powered blower. Clean and dry your vehicle.

Inside your vehicle, use the included dust brush and crevice tool to extract dirt from the carpet, air vents, and even that tricky space between the seats and the console. The included micro cleaning tools gently clean the stereo face and instrument panels. Dust has nowhere to hide when this Vacuum is on the job.

For the exterior, use the Vac N Blo Vacuum to dry your vehicle faster and more easily than hand-drying.The Vac N Blo blows away water droplets before they have time to become mineral deposits.Blow water out of seams and crevices to prevent drips. Plus, the Vacuum allows you to dry the alloyswithout touching them. This blower is also handy for blowing dust or leaves off your vehicle without using dusters or cloth.

The Vacuum has two flexible 6 ft. hoses that can be attached end to end to make one 12 ft. hose.Add on the two included 20 inch extensions to reach even further.

For interior and exterior detailing, there is no match for the Metro Wall Mount Vac N Blo Vacuum!


  • wall/table mounting bracket
  • 2 Flexible 6 ft. hoses
  • 2 - 20 inch extension wands
  • deluxe 4-piece micro detailing kit
  • shoulder strap
  • blower nozzle
  • inflator adapter
  • Pik-All upholstery nozzle
  • dust brush
  • crevice tool
  • 12 ft. longcord

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