Chemical Guys - XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax (8 oz)
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Sale Chemical Guys - XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax (8 oz)

Chemical Guys - XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax (8 oz)


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About XXX Paste Wax

When hardcore car enthusiasts want the brilliant wet shine of a premium wax, they reach for Chemical Guys XXX Carnauba Paste Wax. XXX is blended with a mixture of premium Brazilian carnauba, and proprietary LTI sealant polymers for added durability. Grade A yellow carnauba enhances the signature warm wet shine that wax is known and loved for. Spread a coat of XXX Hardcore Paste Wax over any color paintwork for a brilliant shine that protects against the harsh elements. Carnauba is natures sunscreen; it protects palm leaves from the harsh sun, rain, and wind in the rainforests of Brazil. When spread over car parts, XXX repels the UV rays that damage paint and cause fading and discoloration. Chemical Guys enhances XXX with LTI sealants and amino-functional resins to increase resistance to the elements and prolong the durability of the wax. Wax any car part that is painted, shiny ,or clear. Spread a coat of XXX over single stage or clear coated paint finishes, on plastic headlights and tail lights, on windshields and side windows, and even on wheels and exhaust tips. Pollution, water, dirt, and bugs have a harder time sticking to waxed surfaces, which stay cleaner for longer. Take command over contamination and oxidation with a brilliant coat of protection from XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax.

Key Features • Hard carnauba paste wax • Super-refined blend of white and yellow carnauba • Easy to apply and remove • Protects against pollution and UV sunlight • Enhances a brilliant wet shine • Wet glossy shine on any paint color • Engineered with LTI polymers to extend durability and increase resistance to the elements • Can be applied even in the sun

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