Sika Gard -Underbody Rubber Coating - 6440 (1ltr) Black
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Sika Gard -Underbody Rubber Coating - 6440 (1ltr) Black


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SikaGard-6440 is a durable, thix- otropic, rubber-based protective coating with very good rust- proofing and sound deadening properties. It is suitable for an effective underbody and stone chip protection to the vehicle body and convinces with its excellent final performance. Original texture can easily be reproduced.

SikaGard-6440 shows a good over paintability performance.

A tough coating remains after drying, protecting metal from im-pact and corrosion.

SikaGard-6440 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quali- ty assurance system.

Product Benefits

-Good abrasion, impact and road salt resistance.

-Good adhesion performance.

-No running or dripping.

-Over paintable.

-Various textures achievable.

-Free of heavy metal.

-Remains flexible when dry.

-Very Good low temperature be- havior.

Areas of Application

SikaGard-6440 is a spray applied anti-corrosion coating for repair and protection of vulnerable, paint- ed parts of vehicles such as door sills, wheel arches, front and rear aprons as well as vehicle under- body parts.

SikaGard-6440 shows good ad- hesion on different paints, metal primers, metals and PVC.

The product is suitable for profes- sional experienced users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed toensure adhesion and material compatibility.


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