Transformers-style Car Polisher Holder Rack! This innovative polisher holder is designed to keep your car polisher safe and organized when it is not in use. With its sleek design inspired by the Transformers, it adds a cool touch to your car detailing studio.

Main function:

  • The main function is to fix the electric polishing machine pneumatic polishing machine and other equipment, highlighting the professionalization of the equipment of auto detailing!


  • Made of high-quality raw materials by injection moulding, it can resist compression and deformation, and its outline is machine A, which means it is durable and young in style.
  • After the polisher is hung up, it is neat and beautiful, and the folding hook can be pulled out and retracted, which is mainly used to store wires.
  • The pendant and the back hanging plate are designed with industrial locks, which makes the fixation very convenient and can move the position to be placed at will.


  • Find the position where the polisher hanger should be fixed.
  • Make a mark on the wall corresponding to the 3 holes on the outside of the rack.
  • Punch holes at the position of the mark (the size of the hole is the same as the self-tapping screw, 6cm electric drill and 6cm rubber plug).
  • Use a hammer to hammer the rubber plug into the mounting hole.
  • Align the holes of the polisher hanger with the self-tapping screw holes and tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

Hanging plate installation method:

  • Take out the 3 screws and 3 clips of the accessories from the polisher hanger.
  • First use a screwdriver to screw the screws into the three holes on the inside of the polisher hanger (do not screw the screws to the end but to leave a little gap, take out the clip card and turn the direction opening downwards, and insert into the position where the screw has just been tightened).
  • Fix the hole position of the polisher holder rack to the hole position of the hanging plate.

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