Professional Car Detailing Training Course by AutoFresh Academy

Whether you are already in detailing industry or a newbie seeking knowledge of detailing to transform your passion into profession, autofresh.in has specially designed car detailing training course. Owning a successful business in detailing industry is no more a dream as we bring you the best opportunity to make your dream come true by taking the initial step of learning every minor to major aspect from experts.

We have a dedicated training Academy studio (Not a retail business outlet)

Our Class Room

Being the best among Car Detailing Training Classes in India, we are dedicated to provide truly professional training to car passionate people. We are in constant touch with industry upgrades and we keep evolving with the latest technologies and products of our niche in order to pass on the knowledge to our trainees using tips and tricks they will never gain elsewhere. Our domain knowledge of car detailing makes it easy for us to grasp any advancement in the field and implement it without making much effort.

Providing comfortable environment of training and adopting method which is easy to understand for people who are only aware of basics and for enthusiasts, it is a great chance as we have best faculties to light up your passion and groom it in professional way.

Covering the Entire Car Detailing Training Niche

‘Car Detailing Training’, though named in short, there is more to it. Introducing you to fundamentals of car detailing process and making you aware of the technical aspects that play an important role in the process is how we begin. Leading you then towards car inspection, paint correction & Coatings, germ free interior and exterior cleaning process and every related aspect of car, we assure you to come out as a professional, with no concept left unturned after you go through our detailing training course.

(Detailing training working area)

While the local trainers can promise you with word of mouth, we guarantee you with our dedicated professional approach. You will go through the entire car detailing training procedure with hands-on experience at every stage and not only through demonstrations and tutorials. Using the best products by leading international brands, we guide you with practical implementation of car washing up till coatings.

Be a Certified Detailer

While you are investing for car detailing training, we bring you an opportunity to get yourself labeled as certified car detailing professional from India’s only certified Rupes car detailing training center. You will be receiving Trained and Approved certificate upon successful completion of course in recognitions of all aspects covered during training course and also wholesale account for all detailing products, machines & tools sold by autofresh.

(Rupes Authorized Detailing Training Certificate)

Why Choose AutoFresh?

(Detailing training working area)

Since 2008, we are member of IDA (International Detailing Association) our chief trainer is CD (Certified detailer) from IDA, right now only one in India (check the facts of www.the-ida.com, before believing others claims)  and India’s only Rupes authorized training center. It is a proud moment for us being the only Authorized Training Center of top detailing brands of the world namely Chemical Guys (USA), Rupes Bigfoot (Italy), Metrovac (USA) and Aquartz (Korea) and many more…

With our car detailing training, you will feel the difference in way you used to detail your car before. Since you are going to set up your business in car detailing you will be able to attend more customers, thus saving your time and make most of it. We are here to give you in-depth knowledge of using each machine and tool with compatible products which works best with them in order to achieve best results of coating, paint care and cleaning off interior and exterior of cars without leaving a mark of imperfection.

Opting for professional detailing training is necessary because detailing industry keeps evolving with advancement in technology and so you need to keep in touch with the newly introduced technologies and give your best input for clients. At our Autofresh car detailing academy, you will be exposed to detailed learning of each and every detailing aspect of cars which will make you a successful professional and you will excel in your field of interest.

Bring out your passion for cars and turn it into a profession with hands-on experience under professionals. Your search for best car detailing training ends at AutoFresh. Set up your car detailing business and bring it forward if you already own one. You can reach us @ 9824147244 or you may write us at cds@autofresh.in and we will keep in touch with you in concern with your required details.

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