Sika Gard -Cavity Wax - 6220 500ml
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Sika Gard -Cavity Wax - 6220 500ml


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SikaGard-6220 is an amber colored, durable wax with excellent rustproofing properties. It is suitable for an effective protection against corrosion in vehicle body cavities, with its outstanding application properties and excellent final performance. Thanks to its very high creep capability, it perfectly protects even hardly accessible areas and tight sheet intervals.

After drying, a brown, slightly sticky wax coating remains that protects cavity areas from corrosion. SikaGard -6220 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Product Benefits

- High road salt resistance.

- Excellent film building property.

- Outstanding water displacing.

- Good low temperature behaviour.

- Heat resistant.

- No hazing during application.

- Excellent creep capability.

- Permanently elastic.

Areas of Application

SikaGard-6220 is a spray applied anticorrosion coating for repair and protection of concealed areas of vehicles such as cavities of door skins, side panels, motor hoods, trunks, rear wing, sills, cross members and pillars.

The product can be sprayed haze free, penetrates finest hair-line cracks but does not drip off drainage holes.

SikaGard-6220 shows very good adhesion on different paints, metalprimers, metals and PVC withoutany pretreatment.

The product is suitable for professional experienced users only. Tests with actual substrates andconditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and materialcompatibility.


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