Sika Gard-Underbody Polymer Coating-6470 (1ltr) (Pack of 12)
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Sika Gard-Underbody Polymer Coating-6470 (1ltr) (Pack of 12)


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SikaGard-6470 is a durable, thixotropic, Polymer-based protective coating with excellent rust proofing and sound deadening properties. It is suitable for an effective protection against stone chip impacts to the vehicle body and convinces with an outstanding final performance. Thanks to its advanced application properties, original textures can easily be reproduced.

Product Benefits

Enhanced abrasion, impact and road salt resistance

Quickly over paintable

Excellent adhesion performance

No running or dripping

Remains flexible when dry

Good heat resistance

Outstanding low temperature behavior

Fast drying


SikaGard-6470 can be applied by air-mix guns with an air pressure of3 - 6 bar.

Gun (pressure cup type) or the UBC Gun (vacuum type) to apply the product.

Shake can approx. 40 times before use. Cover adjacent surfaces prior the spray process.

Spray at room temperature and from a distance of approx. 25 cm in an X motion to build up a continuous coat.

can be applied haze free and does not drip. Apply this product until the desired layerthickness is reached.

If a thick layer is required, let layers dry in between. A wide variety of textures can be produced by altering the spray technique.

Do not spray on parts of the brake, engine or ex- haust system.


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