Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pad 4" 80mm
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Sale Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pad 4" 80mm

Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pad 4" 80mm

Brand: RUPES

Product Code: 9.BF100XM

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Cut, polish, and finish like a pro!

Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pad (BF100XM) has face of 4" and Velcro backing of 100mm. Its perfect fit to Bigfoot polisher Bigfoot 75Mini

This pad is designed to restore the depth and clarity to your vehicles paintwork. The long and soft microfiber pile is perfect for removing light swirl marks, holograms, and water spots using an ultra fine Big Foot Polishing Compound, like Keramik Gloss or Diamond. Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pads eliminate light imperfections while delivering a perfect finish.

Advantages to Rupes Microfiber Pads:

  • Quick defect correction on hard (ceramic) clear coats
  • High efficiency on all paint systems, including single stage
  • Greatly reduced polishing times
  • Less dust on the surface during polishing process
  • Comfortable and easy to use

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