Rupes Multipurpose Degreaser Concentrated 500ml
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Rupes Multipurpose Degreaser Concentrated 500ml

Brand: RUPES

Product Code: 9.CCM501

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3in1 Product- Removes Brakedust, Iron deposits & Oil stains

Rupes Multi-Purpose Degreaser has a multitude of different applications. Heres a couple of the most popular that we could think of:

    1. Versatile cleaner.
    2. Highly concentrated.
    3. Plastics, tires, upholstery, engine bay and more.
    4. Pen marks on clothing
    5. Heel marks on interior trim
    6. Food stains from linen table cloths
    7. Tire shine stains on concrete
    8. Grease on engine bays
    9. Gum on carpet

Rupes Multi-Purpose Degreaser is a concentrated cleaner that Rupes formulated to be safe for virtually any surface in or outside your auto. Dilute between 1:5 and 1:20 depending on severity of stain and robustness of the material. Rupes Multi-Purpose Degreaser replaces the need for up to 10 different cleaners, all in one! Thanks to its concentrated formula, Rupes Multi-Purpose Degreaser is an excellent value as well. Trust the Italians when it comes to keeping your auto spick and span!



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