Rupes High Concentrated Detailing Shampoo 500ml
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Rupes High Concentrated Detailing Shampoo 500ml

Brand: RUPES


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RUPES M101 High Concentrated detailing Shampoo is an highly concentrated automotive shampoo formulated for effective, yet gentle cleaning. Purposesly designed to combine general cleaning and the capacity to prepare the painted surfaces for the polishing and detailing process. The innovative formulation lifts grime safely off the surface while minimizing the opportunity for wash marks and surface damage.

Method Of Use:

Mix 2 capsful of concentrated shampoo in a bucket of water(12ltr) Mix it well manually or by water jet. Use wash mitt to to wash each panel. Rinse it well with clean water until no soap residues remains. Dry the surfaces with clean drying towel like Norton Blue Magnet Or Meguiars Drying towel.



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