Rupes Carnauba High Gloss Shampoo 500ml
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Rupes Carnauba High Gloss Shampoo 500ml

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RUPES M707 Carnuaba high gloss shampoo is a high quality maintenence car wash shampoo used to remove dirt and to provide light protection to paintwork, all in one step. M707 contains an high percentage of genuine carnauba wax, that aids in surface lubrication and provides protection.

Begin by rinsing the vehicle thoroughly to remove coarse dirt, Add 6 capsful of shampoo to a bucket(10ltr) and allow product to disolve. Using a quality wash mitt wash each panel then rinse the product with fresh water and ensure no soap residue remains on the surface.Dry surfaces with a soft drying towel. always wash vehicle out of direct sunlight and do not allow product to dry on the sutface. Never apply to hot paintworks. Shake well before use.



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