DA Polisher

DA Polisher

Ever-shining Car Surface with Rupes Bigfoot Polishers

Rupes Bigfoot Car Polishing Machine is designed such easy to use for novices as well as professionals who love getting their task done with efficiency and without wastage of time. The typical throw of any conventional random orbital polisher is between 4mm to 8mm, while Rupes Bigfoot Polishers are designed to cover more surface area with its unique 21mm throw which performs smoothly whether you use it horizontally, vertically or over curves. Fit Chemical Guys 6-Inch Hex Logic and Microfiber Polishing Pad over the backing plate for swirl-free results ensuring no buffer trails are left on the paint and you are done with professional results in less time.

This Italian Brand is available in the market since 1947 and before its machines are made available to customers, they undergo rigorous testing process. As a result, the final product is the innovation designed for user’s convenience. Once purchased, the Rupes Bigfoot Car Polishing Machine will serve you for years with its rough and tough gripping design, safety features like no other – the trigger lock, to lock the machine in motion, its anti-spinning cap which protects the operator if the machine is accidently turned on and the variable speed dial which allows to switch between speeds while the tool is in operating condition.

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sold-out-image Sale Rupes Bigfoot LH19E Rotary Polisher
Rs.28,919 Rs.23,919 17% OFF

The BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher features a high torque, compact design in a lightweight housing. .....

sold-out-image Sale Rupes Bigfoot LHR75 Mini Random Orbital Polisher - PNEUMATIC
Rs.21,775 Rs.17,775 18% OFF

High-efficiency motor with high torque delivered Unique design and ergonomic control lever for .....

Sale Rupes Bigfoot Mille Lk900E Polisher
Rs.33,900 Rs.29,900 12% OFF

"Gear Driven Dual Action Polisher For Heavy Paint Correction" Joining the Bigfoot Family of .....

Sale Rupes Bigfoot Skorpio III Random Orbital Palm Sander
Rs.16,666 Rs.14,950 10% OFF

The Skorpio III is what every random orbital sander operator needs, an extremely quiet tool that .....

Sale Rupes LHR 15ES Random Orbital Polisher
Rs.26,300 Rs.20,815 21% OFF

Includes:Rupes 15ES Polisher+Apron Perfect balance and amazing lack of vibration make the LHR 15E.....

Sale Rupes LHR 21ES Random Orbital Polisher
Rs.27,300 Rs.21,921 20% OFF

The Rupes LHR21ES (rupes 21 bigfoot) Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher sets the stage for 21st centur.....

sold-out-image Sale Rupes MARK II LHR 21 Random Orbital Polisher
Rs.32,750 Rs.30,999 5% OFF

Rupes-MARK-II LHR21 DA Polisher ONLY! The Rupes LHR21 MarkII Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher get.....

Sale Rupes MARK II LHR15 Random Orbital Polisher
Rs.31,990 Rs.30,152 6% OFF

Rupes-MARK2 LHR15 DA Polisher Only! The Rupes LHR15 MarkII Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher gets .....

sold-out-image Sale Rupes Rotary Polisher LH18ENS
Rs.18,950 Rs.17,100 10% OFF

The Rupes LH18ENS Rotary Polisher is a new and improved version of the award winning LH18EN. Feat.....

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