Micro Detailing Starter Kit For Rotary Machine
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Micro Detailing Starter Kit For Rotary Machine


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Micro Detailing Starter Kit For Rotary Machine consits of

1. Backing plate of 1" (M14) - 1

2. Baking plate of 2" (M14) - 1

3. Extension Spinddle rod - 1

4. Lake Country 1.25" Hybrid Grey Heavy Cutting Rotary Pad - 1

5. Lake Country 1.25" Hybrid White Polishing Pad - Rotary Pad - 1

6. Lake Country 2" Cyan Cutting Pad - 1

7. Lake Country 2" Tangerine Foam Flat Light Polishing Pad - 1

Good for any Rotary polishing which has M14 Thread size For exp.. Makita, Skill, Flex, Rupes Rotary polisher..

Why? Why compound, polish, and wax small, intricate body panels by hand when you can do everything by machine.

Micro Detailing Starter Kit makes detailing a step ahead, Now you can polish at intricate panels as shown below using a rotary machine.

aquai5hd20160322170131.jpg aquai5hd20160322170030.jpg aquai5hd20160322170101.jpg

Brand Micro Detailing

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