Metachem UBC Polymer Coat 1Ltr
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Metachem UBC Polymer Coat 1Ltr

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UnderBody Chemical Metachem

It is our pleasure to introduce the specialty surface coating material based on innovative polymer. With the efforts of five years research work the company developed some graft co-polymer. Based on this polymer,company has developed Anticorrosive cum sound dampening paint which is different than any other paint available in the market, imported or indigenous for the same field. We are highlighting some ofthe special properties of Metachem. Automotive under body polymer coating

  • Single pack system, ready to apply.
  • No primer required, saving of labour and material.
  • After drying the paint layer forms an elastic skin on the surface.
  • Skin is fire retardant, help in controlling the propagation in case of any fire.
  • No crack even after prolonged exposure to open atmosphere.
  • Water and air permeability nil.
  • Strong anti corrosion property helps protecting under body from corrosion.
  • The sound absorbing property of the material reduces the noise level of the vehicle.
  • Available in different shades.
  • The coating gives an attractive textured surface.

Note*No bitumen, no wax/rubber,pure polymer based product.


  • Clean surface with water/d-greaser to remove dirt.oil.grease to ensure best adhension and protection
  • Dry surface thoroughly
  • Open bottle seal and fix it to a spray gun with 4mm nozzle size
  • Use only recommended undercoating gun for spraying with a standard Air Compressor. Do not dilute(Ready to use)
  • pray the chemical at air pressure of 3-8 bar to all the non painted surfaces
  • if overspray, remove with cloth dampened with degreaser.

Note* Hold the gun approximately 12 inches away from the surface being sprayed.

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