Menzerna HCC400 Heavy Cut Compound 250ml
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Menzerna HCC400 Heavy Cut Compound 250ml


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Heavy Cut Compound 400(HCC400)

Cuts like a compound Finishes like a Polish!

Menzerna Heavy Cut 400 Compound (HCC400) is the long anticipated new compound from Menzerna Polishing Compounds that is specially designed for ceramic clear but equally good on soft clear coat also to deliver the fast cutting action of a compound with the finish and workability of a polish and . Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 will quickly become an asset to the professional reconditioning industry with its ability to effortlessly remove 1200 grit sanding marks, heavy scratches, swirls and oxidation on all paint systems while leaving a high gloss finish that is not typically expected from a compound.

Product Features:

Long buffing cycle -The product stays wet on the surface as long as you're working it.
Zero dusting -Experienced zero dusting while buffing.
Easy wipe-off -This product wipes off incredibly easy which is important because if a product wipes-off hard this tires you out plus increases the risk of re-introducing toweling marks via struggling to get the residue off the paint.
Excellent defect removal -Use this compound with only a foam polishing pad and achieve 98% defect removal out of hard clear coat finish.
Super clear, high gloss finish -No Haze or micro-marring from this product.
Detailers love products that are easy to use, produce consistent results and dont require additional steps to use. Time is money in the world of professional auto detailing so you are always looking for products that produce quality results in less time. Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound400 is a product that can save time without sacrificing results. This holds especially true when you can compound and finish in 1 step on some paint with HCC400! TheHeavy Cut Compound is made without silicone or fillers so the results you see are what you get. The compound can be applied with a random orbital or rotary buffer while achieving outstanding results. This makes it not only great for professional use, but enthusiasts who enjoy detailing their car as well. Whether you use a Flex or rotary buffer, you are more than capable of correcting imperfections with HCC400.

One of the best features about Menzerna HCC400 is the low dusting formula. Some compounds are notorious for leaving behind lots of dusting, which creates additional work after using the buffer. The fact that you dont have compounding dust to clean up, saves you time, aggravation and ensures you dont reintroduce imperfections when trying to remove the dust. This is a huge benefit to professional detailers. It seems with newer compounds and better buffers, the need for 3 or more correction steps is becoming less and less.


Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 can be used with a rotary (circular) or dual action (orbital) polisher. For best results, follow up with Menzerna Super Finish (SF 3500) on a foam polishing or finishing pad.

Size: 1 ltr. Made in Germany


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