Meguiar's Unigrit Sanding Block- 2000Grit
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Meguiar's Unigrit Sanding Block- 2000Grit


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Excellent for completely removing runs, sags and other small, isolated defects on top of any paint surface with NO deep sanding scratches!

  1. Safe and effective on all paint finishes
  2. Precisely uniform grit particles leave a smooth, even sanding pattern that's easy to clean and polish to a flawless finish.
  3. Uniformly sized abrasives level the imperfection with the surrounding paint, leaving an even pattern of sanding scratches
  4. Easiest way to remove paint drips and other blemishes on top of the paint

Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocksare superior to sanding discs because you have more control over your results. By hand-sanding the paint, you can be sure youre not cutting too deep. The goal is to remove blemishes on top of the paint to achieve the smoothest possible finish.

Use Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks on all paint finishes, including clear coat. Because the abrasives are so small, they will not gouge the paint or leave deep scratches.


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