Meguiar's - Quick Detailer- 3.78 ltrs
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Meguiar's - Quick Detailer- 3.78 ltrs


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Meguiars Quick DetailerA one step cleaner/wax removes oxidation and blemishes while restoring gloss. Plus, it adds a durable layer of wax protection. You can give your vehicle a complete detail in about half the time of the two-step polish-and-wax process.

Meguiars Quick Detailerremoves water spots, stains, light oxidation, and micro-marring from clear coat and single stage paint finishes. With a combination of chemical cleaners and the mechanical motion of a buffer, restores gloss and removes blemishes effectively and efficiently. That`s why professional detailers use it on vehicle after vehicle.

Meguiars Quick Detailercan be applied by hand, or with a rotary polisher. It will have the most cleaning ability if applied with a polisher and a with polishing pad.

Remove Quick Detailer with a microfiber cloth The benefit of microfiber is that it will buff the paint to a glossy shine while completely removing the haze.

Expert Suggestion:

If the vehicles finish is severely neglected, use Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 with the cutting pad to improve the texture prior to using Quick Detailer

Meguiars Quick Detailer is built for speed! Perfect and protect your paint finish in one simple step It`s a great value in the gallon size!

Application techniques

  1. Attach polishing pad to the backing plate of the rotary machine. Set the speed of a machine to approximately 1500-2000 RPM
  2. Apply the product directly to the surface. Mist the pad very lightly and turn the machine on.
  3. Work on a small cool surface 18to 24inches square.
  4. Go over the area in a left to right process
  5. Continue the process till the work is finished.
  6. Remove the product residue with clean microfibre cloth.

Polishing Tips

Never mix polishes on a foam pad and never use a pad you've used for compounding for polishing.

It is important to apply adequate pressure on the buf fer for the first passes over the sur face. Pressure is required to cut through the swirl marks and/or sur face imper fections.

Compounding, polishing and finishing are different polishing methods that do not necessarily have to be applied consecutively.

The appropriate combination of polishing steps depends on colour and quality of the.coating as well as on the required quality of the surface.


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