Meguiar's - Hi Tech Yellow Liquid Wax - 473ml
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Meguiar's - Hi Tech Yellow Liquid Wax - 473ml


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Meguiar's Hi Tech Yellow Liquid wax

Natural waxes never bond to painted surfaces.They simply lay over the paint and their strength comes from itself rather then it locking itself down to the paintwork like sealants. That is why natural waxes are often prone to damage from hot weather and acid rain. Once damage starts on a natural product it`s much easier for the rest of the protection to fail.

Carnauba wax is thepreferred Natural car wax.

Meguairs Hi-Tech Yellow Liquid Waxis more than a carnauba wax. It is a blend of premium yellow Carnauba wax, polymers, silicones and other waxes which not only adds richness and depth of color but ultimate high-gloss & optimal bonding to any previously cleaned and polished paint finish. Available in liquid or paste! It creates a deep, warm, rich glow to the paint. This unique professional-grade formulation is the professional's choice! its easy to apply and easily to wipe off makes a good product for the retail consumer also.

Meguairs Hi tech yellow waxprotects the car paints more than a natural wax.Hi-Tech Yellow Waxis a premium yellow Carnauba wax of brazil blend polymers and other waxes..It is a blend of both natural and synthetic ingredients adds richness and depth of color. Provides ultimate high-gloss protection to any previously cleaned and polished paint finish. Available in liquid or paste! It creates a deep, warm, rich glow to the paint.This unique professional-gradeformulation is the professional's choice! Made For Professionals.

By hand

  1. Use withsponge applicator padusing light pressure,
  2. spread product evenly on surface .Use overlapping strokes to ensure adequate coverage
  3. Allow product to dry to haze.

Clean the product with theAuto fresh micro buffing clothfollowed with Meguiar`s #34final inspectionto remove the remaining re sidues

By machine:

  1. Place aLake country foam finishing/sealant padin the backing plate and attach to the rotary machine. Set the speed of a machine to approximately 1500-2000 RPM.
  2. Apply the product directly to the surface. Mist the pad very lightly withMeguairs Final Inspectionand turn the machine on.
  3. Go over the area in a left to right process
  4. Continue the process till the work is finished.
  5. Wipe off withAuto Fresh Micro Buffing Clothfollowedby Meguairs Final Inspectionspray detailer to remove the residues
  6. Drying time-half hour.

Expert suggestion

One word describes this stuff:BUTTER.Its application is as smooth as butter, wiping it off is as smooth as butter and when done, your paint will feel smooth as butter.

Due to hot weather,the natural wax can only last 2-3 weeks because its tendency is to melt down.ButMeguairs Hi Tech yellow waxis more than a natural carnuaba wax, Blend of polymers, silicones and waxes gives a deep gloss depth to the paint, enhances the colour and shine of the paint which lasts longer than a natural wax.It works great on dark colour cars like black and red.


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