Meguiar's - Diamond Cut Compound 2.0, 1 gallon
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Meguiar's - Diamond Cut Compound 2.0, 1 gallon



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Meguiar's Diamond Cut Compound 2.0

Diamond Cut Compound 2.0is a heavy/fast cutting compound used to removesanding marks, minorscratches, over paint spray and serious paint defectson hard cured two pack paints without scouring the finish like conventional compounds. Diamond cut is low dusting and leaves minimal swirls. ItsHi techabrasives boost the cutting power to work more efficiently on hard paints and clear coats.

A few important points should be noted about the use of cutting compounds.

-Meguairs Diamond Cut comprise fine uniformly sized abrasive particles that break down progressively during the polishing process such abrasives are usually referred to asdiminishing abrasivesThe benefit of abrasive technology is that it is possible to go from compounding to applying protection without the need for an intervening polishing step with a finer finishing polish. In cases where a final polishing step is still required (often on darker colored cars) the amount of polishing required is significantly reduced, saving time and effort.

-Meguairs Diamond Cut Compound is designed to be used with machine polishers, and generally should not be applied by hand. This is because a very high work rate is required to breakdown the abrasive particles, and if they are not worked hard enough then micro marring will occur, which is the technical term for fresh sub-surface defects inflicted during the polishing process as unbroken down abrasive particles are continually moved on the paint, leaving a faint pattern of very tightly defined swirl marks.

-Cutting compounds are aggressive, particularly when used with cutting pads, and will remove paint more quickly than you might expect, meaning that they need to be treated and used with respect.

Note* compounding should not be viewed lightly, and can only be done a certain number of times before the integrity of the clear coat is permanently compromised.


By Machine

  1. Place a wool/foam cutting pad in the backing plate and attach to the rotary machine. Set the speed of a machine to approximately 1500-2000 RPM
  2. Apply the product directly to the paint or pad. Mist the pad very lightly with Meguairs #34 Final Inspection and place the machine on the surface and turn the machine on.
  3. Work on a small cool surface 18to 24inches square. Start by placing the pad on the paint and spreading the polish out, and then turn the polisher on. Using firm pressure and overlapping left to right, right to left strokes cover the area to be polished.
  4. Go over the area in a left to right process
  5. Continue the process till the paint defects are gone.
  6. Remove the product residue with Microfiber Cloth.
  7. Surface is ready for Next step (polishing)

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