Lake Country-8" Blue Finishing Pad
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Lake Country-8" Blue Finishing Pad



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This soft, imported foam is ideal for applying the final coat of wax or sealant. The foam works especially well when applying liquid waxes or sealants because it is firm enough to keep the majority of the product on the paint, rather than soaking it up. The foam has no cut or cleaning ability. These durable Wax & Sealant application pads with stand wax after wax and wash after wash.
  • Attach Lake Country Wax/Sealant Pad to the backing plate of Bosch Eccentric Sander.
  • Set the speed of a machine to approximately 1500-2000 RPM
  • Apply the product directly to the pad
  • Mist the pad very lightly and place the machine on thesurface and turn the machine on
  • Work on a small cool surface 18 to24 inches square.
  • Go over the area in a left to right process. Continue the process till the work is finished
  • Remove the product residue with the clean Microfibre cloth.
Brand Lake Country

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