Lake Country 5.5" HD Orbital Blue Cutting Pad
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Lake Country 5.5" HD Orbital Blue Cutting Pad


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Heavy Duty Orbital Pad Specially Designed For Rupes Bigfoot Polisher!

Designed for use on Long-Stroke machines. Pads are designed to disperse increased heat .

Cool Running

Runs 10% COOLER on Long Stroke machines than comparable pads. The Cooling Chamber prevents center of pad from concaving. Perfectly balanced pad for optimum control. Increased stability from Multi-Density design allows improved control on curved panels. Less foam movement minimizes haze and micro marring. Designed for quick cleaning and drying.


  • Multi-Density Multi-Density layered foam design construction provides a smooth bold feel while maintaining the integrity of the foam for optimum surface contact.
  • Reduced Diameter and Slim Profile Provides an evenly distributed point of contact for ultimate balance and control.
  • Engineered Bevel and Integrated Interface The combination of the bevel and interface keeps the adhesion line away from the working surface for safe use in tight areas.

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