Kwazar Mercury Super Pro+ 360 Spray Bottle Yellow - 1 LTR
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Kwazar Mercury Super Pro+ 360 Spray Bottle Yellow - 1 LTR


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Kwazar Mercury Pro + Spray Bottles are professional grade, adjustable, double-action spray - on both the "in" and the "out" to creat a constant spraywith 360 degree capabilitysuitable for any detailing job.They are recommended for use by cleaning companies and car washes. Stabilizing base with different colours allows for easy identification of chemical or cleaning zone.

A superior, tough trigger spray with unique double action - sprayersprovides constant, fine spray with half the effort. However, 360 degrees spraying system allows the application of liquid regardless of the sprayer position. Thanks to this solution Mercury Super Pro 360 is more efficient. The pump sprayer is ended with adjustable nozzle, through which one can easily adjust the desired degree of atomization of liquid into a continuous stream. Another advantage is durable tank marked with a bar scale and indicator of liquid level. Sprayer is equipped with a viton seals.

Sprayers Mercury Pro + is characterized by increased resistance to acidic and alkaline preparations.Kwazar Mercury Sprayer are made with Viton for superior resistance to the heavy duty detailing chemicals and traditional products professionals use every day. Fill the Kwazar Mercury Pro Spray Bottle with any wheel cleaner, degreaser, window cleaner, APC, detail spray, air freshener, or waterless wash solution with no fear of damage or leaking from the bottle or sprayer head. Take the Kwazar Mercury Pro Spray Bottle on any detailing job for superior performance and proven reliability with any detailing product.

Available in Yellow & Red Color.

Key Features 1. Professional quality sprayer bottle 2. Dual-action sprayer mechanism 3. Mists product on every trigger pull AND release! 4. Viton sprayer seals resist corrosive chemicals for versatile usage

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