Kovax Dry Sanding Sheets - Starter Kit
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Kovax Dry Sanding Sheets - Starter Kit

Brand: KOVAX

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Kovax - Dry Sanding - Starter Kit consists of:

Super Assilex Pad M 75*120 mm   2
Tolex Supertack Sheet with Slit - Pink 130*170 mm 2000 6
Tole Block 33*28 mm   2
Tolecut Pink Sheet (8 cuts) 70*114 mm 2000 2
Tolecut Green Sheet (8 cuts) 70*114 mm 2500 1
Tolecut Black Sheet (8 cuts) 70*114 mm 3000 1
Super Bufflex Sheet with slit - Green 130*170 mm 2500 3
Super Bufflex Sheet with slit - Black 130*170 mm 3000 3


Kovax - Dry Sanding System

Kovax is the leading Manufacturer of Japanese Coated Abrasives since 1930.

Our rigid quality control and well organized manufacturing facilities, and advanced technical knowledge ensures top quality and innovative abrasive products for Automotive, Wood-working, and many more industrial uses.

Tolex Super tack Sheet with Slit Pink (2000 Grit)


Most advanced dry sanding system that used as topcoat sanding. Combined with hard pad, it can be used for the search and remove of imperfection.


Easy to remove imperfection without deep scratch when combined with *TolePad.

Well balanced aggressiveness realizes a very fine and uniform sanding scratch.

Possible to polish the paint texture without eliminating

Sharply decrease a risk of rework

SupeAssilex Pad


Super Assilex has an uninterrupted grain structure, enabling you to sand much more efficient and realize labour time savings of up to 50%.

Perfect combination to hold Tolex Super Tack sheet.

ToleCut -Dust Nib Removal in Dry Condition


Dust Nibs of varied size can be eliminated faster and easier with 3 types of Tolecut Scratches of Tolecut are extremely shallow and uniform, which can be removed easily with Dry Buflex Black Not necessary to apply water. You can check the scratch during the sanding with Tolecut. Applicable for Waterborne and High Solid Clear.

Tole Block


Special attachment for Tolecut

Super Bufflex Sheet


Innovative DRY sanding system used as final sanding step before polishing in various surface such as high solid/hard paint, fluorine clear, anti-scratch clear, water paint and more.


Compound polishing time can be largely reduced.

Possible to polish without eliminating original paint texture.

Process :

UsingTolex Super tack Sheet (Pink 2000 grit)withSuper Assilex Pad Sand the surface to find paint defects.

Use Tolecut to sand with Tole block at particular defect like paint nib. (Choose your tolecut Sheet according to the type of defect)

Follow with Super Bufflex Sheet (Green & Black).

Brand Kovax

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