A gloss meter is a device that is commonly used in the car detailing industry to measure the level of gloss or shine on a surface.

This device is particularly useful when it comes to car polishing, as it can help determine the effectiveness of the polishing process.

When using a gloss meter for car polishing, the device is typically placed against the surface of the car and a reading is taken.

The reading will indicate the level of gloss on the surface, which can then be compared to the desired level of gloss.

If the reading indicates that the surface is not glossy enough, additional polishing may be necessary.

Conversely, if the reading indicates that the surface is too glossy, the polishing process may need to be toned down or adjusted.

Product Features:

  • Elegant Design combined with aesthetics and ergonomics
  • With auto-calibration function
  • Large storage to save over 35000 data
  • Auto Power-off within an optional 30-120 seconds


Widely used in the field of paints, coating, plastics, ink, rubber, printing, paper, glass, hardware, ceramic, marble, etc.

Overall, a gloss meter can be a valuable tool for car detailers who want to achieve the perfect level of shine on their clients’ vehicles.

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