DETAILMAX® Graphene 10H Ceramic Coating: SGS Certified!

Check out the new graphene coating! now arrives in sleek and eco-friendly packaging. You get unmatched results on the vehicle at the best graphene coating price.

DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx is a Graphene-infused 10H Ceramic Coating that provides vehicles amazing protection against chemicals, UV rays, and the weather while providing insane hydrophobicity, gloss, depth of shine, and durability for up to 7 years.


  1. Save Time, No Need for Top Coat Application:

Top Coats add amazing gloss and hydrophobicity but must be applied after several hours of Base Ceramic Coats. The addition of Graphene eliminates the need for an additional topcoat as DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx provides insane Hydrophobicity, Gloss, and depth of Shine in Itself.

  1. One Product, Multiple Applications:

DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx can be applied to all painted surfaces and Glass, Chrome Trims, and Alloy Wheels. Now, that’s Revolutionary!

  1. Less Prone to Water Spotting:

Graphene reduces heat on the car’s paint surface, so water spots are less likely.

  1. 10H Hardness and Durability of 7 years:

DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx is by far the longest-lasting coating on the market. It provides higher stain resistance, higher scratch & swirl resistance, better protection against UV rays, and can last up to 7 years.

Kit Includes:

  1. DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx 50 ml
  2. Suede Cloth 3pc
  3. Applicator Pad 1pc


  1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly and remove all dirt and debris from the surface. Clay the surface to remove all impurities.
  2. If needed, sanding/compounding/polishing must be done to remove below-surface defects and bring shine.
  3. Use DETAILMAX® Pre-Wipe Pre-Coat Cleaner to thoroughly clean and remove all polishing residue and oils from the surface.
  4. Pour 5-6 drops of DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx on the suede cloth wrapped around the applicator pad. Apply in size of 2×2 ft. in a criss-cross manner over the surface.
  5. Level the surface using a microfiber, wait for air bubbles to settle (40-60 seconds), and then buff to shine.
  6. Apply 2nd layer of DETAILMAX® Graphene Ultramaxx between 3-4 hours of the 1st coat application.






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