DETAILMAX® 1000gsm Double Side Microfiber Cloth (38 x 45cm)

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DETAILMAX® Double Side Microfiber Cloth 1000 GSM!

The high-quality double-sided microfiber finishes with perfection. Whether your need is cleaning, polishing, or buffing this cloth works everywhere. Bright orange or yellow on one side and grey on the other for optimum cleanliness and great looks.

  • GSM: 1000 gsm
  • Texture: Soft & Fluffy
  • Size: 38 x 45 CM
  • Colour: Yellow/Grey or Orange/Grey

About Microfibres:

Microfiber towels are typically rated in GSM which stands for grams per square meter or gm/2. This is a measurement of the density of the towel but may also be referred to as the weight by some manufacturers and retailers. Do not confuse this with the denier, which is the measure of individual fibres.

The higher the GSM the thicker, plusher, and generally softer the towel will be. To put this in perspective, towels in the 200-350 GSM range would be suitable for general cleaning of surfaces not prone to scratches such as plastic, vinyl, rubber, glass, and leather seats.

Microfibers in the 400-1000 GSM range would be more suited to cleaning and drying delicate surfaces such as soft automotive paints and clear plastics.

There is a diverse offering of microfiber products for automotive detailing, including towels, applicators, gloves, dusters, and wash mitts. In the microfiber towels category alone, you will find dozens of different weaves, material weights, fabric blends, colours, and sizes – microfiber detailing towels, microfiber waffle weave towels, and even a chamois towel. Here’s how we categorize microfiber towels for specific use:

  1. All Purpose – This is typically a microfiber towel with a standard split weave and an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. The towel has no specific purpose and will be equally adept at wiping paint, glass, vinyl, plastic, and leather. This towel will have a medium-thickness (plushness) nap.
  2. Glass & Polishing – Microfiber towels that work well for polishing and glass cleaning seem to have the same basic characteristics. First, a glass cleaning cloth should be 100% lint-free. In most cases, this means the weave is going to have a shorter nap than a general-purpose towel. Many people believe that a good glass towel will leave as little water as possible so the droplets will evaporate without leaving a spot. A good glass towel needs scrubbing power to successfully remove the residues that cause streaking. It’s the same characteristic that makes a good polishing cloth.
  3. Drying – My favourite drying towel material is Leather Chamois, Synthetic Chamois, and PVA Chamois’ ability to wick up water like nothing else I’ve found or tested. It’s best to find a fabric that’s not too heavy, or you won’t be able to wring it out when it gets saturated.
  4. Final Buffing – Extremely soft, plush microfiber towels with a higher fabric weight than you find in general-purpose or drying towels and are made of a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide.

Maintaining Microfiber Towels:

Wash in cold water only. Warm water can be tolerated, but hot water cannot. Polyester and polyamide both shrink in hot water. If you wash in hot water the fibres will shrink and the towel will not perform as intended.

Do not use fabric softeners of any kind. The softener will become lodged in the microfiber reducing its ability to absorb water, clean, and pick up dirt. In short, you’ll have a soft towel that’s useless.

Do not dry above medium heat. Treat microfiber towels the same as you would your delicate clothing. Drying with high heat is worse than washing in hot water.

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