DETAILMAX Carpet & Fabric Cleaner 5ltr
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Sale DETAILMAX Carpet & Fabric Cleaner 5ltr

DETAILMAX Carpet & Fabric Cleaner 5ltr



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  • Alkaline based strong cleaner Specially formulated for cleaning Fabric seats & Carpet.
  • Concentrated product with fabric softeners, gloss conditioners and optical brighteners
  • Surfactant technology quickly penetrates into the surface to lifts the dirt and removes the stubborn stains like Grease, oil, and food stains and leaves carpet and seats feeling clean & fresh
  • Machine & Manual use. 
  • Can also be used as a spot and stain remover without dilution

Application Method:

  • Make a dilution in a spray bottle
  • Spray diluted fabric & carpet cleaner on to the surface, leave it for some seconds.
  • Scrub it gently with soft cleaning bristle brush
  • Lift the dirt with a microfiber cloth or extract the dirt with the Vacuum/ Extractor Machine.

Dilution Ratio: 50ml in 1ltr water.

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