DETAILMAX Foam & Gloss Car Wash Shampoo Concentrated - 5ltr
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DETAILMAX Foam & Gloss Car Wash Shampoo Concentrated - 5ltr



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Foam & Gloss Car Shampoo : Hi-Foam

  • 1.   Concentrated & Hi-foam Car & Bike Shampoo
  • 2.   Mild surfactant cleaner with optical brighteners.
  • 3.   Hi-Gloss paint conditioners enhance color and clarity
  • 4.   The high suds formula creates intense foam.
  • 5.   Can be used with & without foamer/foam gun
  • 6.   Removes sticky dirt, dust, bird droppings and insects.
  • 7.   Provides smooth & silky brilliant shine

Application Method:

  • Spray water onto surface and remove all the dirt, dust, mud from surface
  • Apply diluted car wash shampoo to the surface,
  • Rub it gently to lift the dirt by using microfiber mitt
  • Rinse by using  presser water or running water
  • Dry the surface with drying microfiber towel
  • Note: Don’t wash in direct sunlight. Don’t leave it for self dry

Dilution Ratio: Dilute car wash shampoo 40 ml 1ltr water.

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