Chemical Guys-White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish(473ml)
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Sale Chemical Guys-White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish(473ml)

Chemical Guys-White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish(473ml)


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Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is the ultimate gloss enhancer for a deep, wet, bright shine on white and light paint finishes. White Light is a premium gloss enhancer and sealant in one. Use White Light to add tons of extra deep wet shine, fill minor swirls and scratches, and clean minor stains and imperfections. Use White Light after a clay bar service, but before applying any sealant or wax coat for extra gloss and deep wet shine. White Light protects paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, water spots, and harmful UV solar rays. White Light is perfect for white, pearl, silver, gray, and any other bright and light color paint finishes that need extra shine, gloss, and protection. Specialty gloss enhancers brighten shine and enhance the appearance on paintwork. Micro-refined oils penetrate deep into light swirls, scratches, and defects, reducing their visibility for a more lustrous shine. White is the most common color for automobiles worldwide. Protect, enhance, and shine your white car. Stand out amongst the rest with Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish.

Swirl-Filling Ability

Swirls and scratches are the bane of any detailers existence. The only way to fix or remove scratches is through machine polishing, and removing layers of paint to reveal a flat lustrous surface. For very light or fine scratches, and for delicate paint finishes where polishing is not an option, glazes and specialty gloss enhancers are perfect to fill minor swirls and imperfections. Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is blended with ultra-refined oils that penetrate deep into scratches and reduce their visibility. Once the scratches are filled, the whole surface appears flatter and better reflects light. White Light fills imperfections, enhances shine and depth, and makes cars look dripping wet!

Key Features 1.Gloss enhancer with brilliant shine 2.Perfect for white and light colors 3.Easily applied by hand or machine 4.Safe for all color finishes

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