Chemical Guys Moto Line Rebound Scratch & Swirl Remover One Step Polish For Motorcycles ( 473 ml)
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Chemical Guys Moto Line Rebound Scratch & Swirl Remover One Step Polish For Motorcycles ( 473 ml)


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Chemical Guys Rebound is an all-in-one scratch and swirl remover that restores a mirror finish to motorcycles in one step. The advanced polish is blended with diminishing abrasives. This hybrid technology cuts hard to quickly remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation, then breaks down to finish like a fine polish and restore a wet mirror finish. The innovative swirl remover restores a lustrous scratch-free finish permanently without filling in or covering up swirls, scratches, or defects. Rebound Scratch & Swirl Remover restores a clear finish on clear coats, single stage paints, ceramic finishes, carbon fiber, and plastic fairings and windshields. Use Rebound Scratch & Swirl Remover for a mirror finish in one pass.

Works Across Many Materials On Every Cycle Surface

Modern motorcycles are built with a dizzying variety of materials, and they all seem to scratch easily! Every shiny painted surface, glossy plastic, carbon fiber, and metal component will turn dull with scratches, swirls, oxidation, and contamination. Remove these defects to restore gloss and shine with Chemical Guys Rebound Scratch & Swirl Remover. Pair Rebound up with any machine polisher for professional results. Remove scratches caused by leaning on the gas tank, or rubbing the fairings up on plants and gravel. Polish marring marks from carbon fiber fins, cowls, and frame pieces to show off the beautiful weave hidden underneath. Remove tarnish from exhaust pipes, and erase scratches from windshields to restore full optical clarity. The uses go on and on for bikes of all types. Remove scratches, swirls, and other unsightly defects from glossy surfaces on any type of motorcycle with Chemical Guys Rebound Scratch & Swirl Remover.

Key Features 1-step high gloss motorcycle polish 2.Removes scratches, swirls, water spots, and other imperfections 3.Produces exceptional shine in 1 step 4.Works on all colors, glossy surfaces, and clear optical plastics.Contains no fillers or waxes 5.Works on any DA/rotary buffing machine

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