Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Polishing/Finishing Pad ( 4" )
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Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Polishing/Finishing Pad ( 4" )


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When To Use the 4" Microfiber Polishing Pad

The 4-inch microfiber polishing pad is the professional's secret for restoring gloss, reflection, and shine with a dual action polisher in compact areas. Spinning the tall microfiber pile with a rotary polisher would just flatten the fluffy fabric in one direction, but both dual action polishers and large-throw orbital buffers "scrub" the paint with a random rotational pattern. This scrubbing action keeps the microfiber polishing material fluffy and in full contact with the painted finish on every spin. The ultra-compact 4" diameter focuses the polishing machine to polish paint in cramped spaces, and on small body panels like bumpers, door sills, vents, louvers, and fender flares. Attach the 4" Black Optics Polishing Pad to any 3" dual action backing plate via the hook and loop interface, then set to work with your favorite finishing polish. The 4" polishing pad refines compounding marks and haze from removing wash marring, swirl marks, oxidation, and scratches from any glossy painted finish. Easily maneuver over dramatic curves and contours, tight spaces, and thin body panels without rubbing the buffing pad or backing plate on areas that are not to be polished.

Keep Pads Clean

Polishing pads must be cleaned to ensure optimal cutting power and longevity. Use Polishing Pad Cleaner and Rejuvenator to clean, restore and prolong the lifespan of buffing and polishing pads. Scrub the Black Optics pad with the ergonomic Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush to loosen compounds and polishes and restore the original texture. Fluff up the microfiber strands with the Pad Cleaning Brush to maximize polishing action before every use.

Key Features 1Refines heavy compounding marks and removes scratches to restore glossy shine 2.Works best with fine finishing polishes and light cutting compounds 3.Functions best with dual-action polishers 4.Works on all gloss paint types: single stage, clear coat, ceramic clear coat, etc.

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