Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Cutting Pad Orange ( 5.5")
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Sale Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Cutting Pad Orange ( 5.5")

Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Cutting Pad Orange ( 5.5")


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Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Cutting Padsremove swirl marks, scratches, and restore clarity and reflection to paintwork. The Black Optics pad system is great for beginners or professionals looking to restore paintwork quickly and easily. Microfiber is a superior polishing material because of its ability to cut through harder ceramic clear coats and softer single stage paints alike. Microfiber pads cut fast, finish fine, and are extremely easy to use. While professionals can choose between the dozens of foam and wool pads used for cutting and finishing purposes, the average enthusiast doesnt have the time or money to try every pad for desired results. The Black Optics microfiber system has one pad for cutting, and one pad for finishing. Choose the Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad to remove heavy swirls, scratches, oxidation, and defects from single stage and clear coat finishes. Follow up with the Black Microfiber Finishing Pad to restore depth, gloss, luster, and refine any heavy compounding marks. This simple system virtually eliminates any human mistake, and hours of unnecessary trial and error.

When To Use the 5.5" Microfiber Cutting Pad

The 5.5-inch cutting pad is the industry standard size for removing swirls, scratches, and paint defects with a dual action polisher. Spinning the tall microfiber pile with a rotary polisher would just flatten the fluffy fabric in one direction, but both dual action polishers and large-throw orbital buffers "scrub" the paint with a random rotational pattern. This scrubbing action keeps the microfiber polishing material fluffy and in full contact with the painted finish on every spin. The compact 5.5" diameter strikes the perfect balance between covering a large area quickly, and focusing the polishing machine's power for fast results in one pass. Attach the 5.5" Black Optics Cutting Pad to any 5" dual action backing plate via the hook and loop interface, then set to work with your favorite cutting compound or polish. The 5.5" cutting pad removes years of wash marring, swirl marks, oxidation, and scratches to restore clarity and shine to the painted finish. Easily maneuver over flat panels, curved fenders, and prominent body lines and ridges without changing to larger or smaller buffing pads.

Refined Pad Engineering For Fast Action

Microfiber polishing pads generate more cutting power for faster correction than foam pads, and also refine the finish with a deeper luster. The Black Optics premium microfiber is cut with a plush nap with short strands to effectively scrub away and exfoliate dead paint. The Black Optics foam backing feature a bi-angular beveled profile that slips the pad into tight spaces for improved polishing abilities. A center cut hole helps vent the hottest areas of the pad for extended polish worktime, improved finishing properties, and improved pad lifespan. Pair the Black Optics microfiber polishing pad system with the TORQ R5 vented backing plates for fast and comfortable cutting and finishing powers on any vehicle. For best results, use microfiber pads with any dual action polisher. Microfiber pads quickly cut away swirls, scratches, wetsanding marks, chemical etching, and more. Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads make restoring your paintwork quick and easy.


Keep Pads Clean

Polishing pads must be cleaned to ensure optimal cutting power and longevity. Use Polishing Pad Cleaner and Rejuvenator to clean, restore and prolong the lifespan of buffing and polishing pads. Scrub the Black Optics pad with the ergonomic Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush to loosen compounds and polishes and restore the original texture. For large scale polishing jobs, use the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer to clean and dry all types of buffing pads on virtually any machine in seconds. Fluff up the microfiber strands with the Pad Cleaning Brush to maximize polishing action before every use.

Key Features 1.Removes heavy swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation like heavy wool pads 2.Works on all gloss paint types: single stage, clear coat, ceramic clear coat, etc. 3.Works best with compounds and fine cutting polishes 4.Works best with da polishers

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