Chemical Guys Long Handle Body & Wheel Brush
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Chemical Guys Long Handle Body & Wheel Brush


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About This Brush

The Long Hangle Body and Wheel brush is a 20 inch long angled head brush with 2 inch long flogged chemical resistant bristles. This premium brush features super soft feather bristles that are gentle on surfaces yet tough on grease, grime and dirt. The 20 inch long, non-slip handle is designed for ergonomic comfort so you can get the job done faster and easier with greater comfort and better grip control. The premium construction of this body and wheel brush makes it reistant to acids and strong degreasers. The unique bristle design of this brush carries an abundance of soap and water to the surface to quickly and easily wash away dirt and grime.

Key Features 1.Flogged chemical reistant bristles 2.Feathered ends of bristles deliver safe and gentle cleaning Great for tires, wheels, rims, inner fenders, undercarriages and more 3.Removes caked on grime and grease 4.Heavy duty non-slip handle for the perfect grip

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