Chemical Guys G6 Hyper Coat Vinyl,Rubber,Tire Coating Sealant System(473ml)
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Chemical Guys G6 Hyper Coat Vinyl,Rubber,Tire Coating Sealant System(473ml)


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Innovation Sealant

The innovative G6 trim sealant technology means once the product is applied,the sealant bonds to the surface on a molecular level providing full protection while using less product. Just one application provides a deep, black appearance to exterior trim while protecting from the harmful effects of the environmental elements. The smooth and easy application of G6 Hyper Coat means there is no need to go back and re-apply dressing to uneven areas. Since G6 Hyper Coat is water based, you get the 100 percent 'dry to the touch' black look. This special water-based emulsion process is engineered to repel dirt and grime, leaving the surface crisp and black without the greasy look of oil-based dressings. Chemical Guys water based emulsion ensures G6 Hyper Coat has a tight bond with the surface for highest level of durability. The G6 Hyper Coat can also be layered to give the darkest look that is guaranteed to impress.

Quick and Easy Application

The innovative formula of G6 Hyper Coat High Gloss Protectant Dressing allows the protective coating to be extremely versatile.We designed G6 Hyper Coat to be sprayable, which makes application on any surface quick and easy. G6 Hypercoat applies smooth and easy to exterior plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim. Our patented Chemical Guys synthetic polymer emulsion coating provides the user with a perfect application on any surface. Our 6th generation trim sealant is self leveling to ensure a perfectly even coating over the entire surface. The zero sling formula is designed to ensure the product stays on the surface and not on your clothing.



Key Features 1.Deep wet appearance for interior and exterior trim 2.Extreme shine sprayable dressing 3.Restores a bold new look on vinyl, rubber, and plastics 4.Shields against UV rays Plastic & rubber restorer 5.Shine enhancers give a bright wet look to trim pieces 6.Water-based formula safe to use inside, or outside any vehicle

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