Chemical Guys Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser ( 473m l)
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Chemical Guys Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser ( 473m l)


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How it Works

Grime Reaper is our strongest most powerful degreaser that is designed for the toughest jobs.Grime Reaper works quickly to remove the toughest dirt, grease, filth, tar, built-up dirt and brake dust.Grime Reaper is a super concentrated formula that breaks down the toughest grease and grime allows you to simply rinse away years of build-up dirt. Even baked-on grease easily rinses away with Grime Reaper. It can take an old engine or dirty undercarriage from filthy to fantastic in a matter of minutes. The professional strength cleaning power of Grime Reaper can even remove the extreme industrial road grime found in many construction areas leaving your vehicle looking great with no residue. Grime Reaper breaks the bond that heavy grease and dirt have on the surface allowing years of filth and grime to be rinsed away faster and easier.

Extreme Cleaning Power

In the world of construction and heavy machinery, dirt and grime can really wear down and deteriorate equipment that contractors and engineers depend on finishing the job. Industrial grime, filth, and tar can cause premature failure to the exterior finish of equipment and machinery. Grime Reaper quickly and easily removes industrial dirt and debris from equipment and machinery keeping the job site clean and safe. Grime Reaper removes thick dirt and grease that saturates the exterior of trucks, cranes, and other heavy machinery. Grime Reaper will keep your industrial equipment looking amazing for years to come. Machinery manufacturers call on Grime Reaper to remove dirt from their tools and equipment. Professional strength means a professional result, thats why Grime Reaper is the perfect choice for the toughest jobs. Grime Reaper gets the job done quicker and easier.

Rinses Clean with Zero Residue

Grime Reaper gives you the highest level of cleaning power possible while leaving zero residue on the surface. Grime Reaper is all about taking dirt, grease and filth and sending them all to the afterlife forever. Grime Reaper leaves any filthy surface clean bringing back the original appearance while leaving no residue to clean up. Grime Reaper easily rinses clean taking grime and filth along with it. No more worry about residue being left behind when Grime Reaper comes to the job.

Removes Corrosive Brake Dust

Your vehicles wheels can easily be destroyed by corrosive brake dust. Years of baked-on brake dust can eat away at any finish. Grime Reaper has the power to penetrate years of thick baked-on brake dust and melt it away forever. Grime Reaper does the work for you by breaking down the corrosive brake dust thus releasing the bond to the wheel and exposing a perfectly clean surface. When a tough job appears, Grime Reaper will be there to eliminate the problem forever. Its always great to have the Reaper on your side.

Key Features 1.Super concentrated formula.Extremely Strong! Dilute Grime Reaper at least 20:1 before use. 2.Removes corrosive brake dust easily 3.Dissolves heavy grease in seconds. 4.Rinses clean with zero residue

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