Chemical Guys Chubby Supra Glass Microfiber Towel (Pack Of 3,16.5x16.5")
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Chemical Guys Chubby Supra Glass Microfiber Towel (Pack Of 3,16.5x16.5")


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Ultra-Premium Window And Glass Towel

The Chubby Supra Microfiber Towel is designed for perfect glass cleaning and detailing with unlimited versatility for all applications. Choose the Chubby Supra Towel for streak-free glass, windows, windshields, navigation screens, dashboard, instrument panels, mirrors, and more. The dual weave thicknesses makes short work of liquids and solids alike. Use the thick side to soak up glass cleaner, dirt, and debris for perfect streak-free glass. Flip to the low-pile side to buff away dried wax and sealant for improved rain protection and water spot prevention on glass and plastic lenses. The convenient 16.5 x 16.5 size is versatile enough for all detailing applications, but best suited for cleaning glass and optical plastic. Gently pick up heavy dirt in one direction in the thick weave, and windows to perfection with the thin side. The premium microfiber-stitched edge further reduces the chance of scratching when buffing and drying along the edge of the towel. Use the Chubby Supra Microfiber Towel during any full detail, weekly car wash, or for quick cleanups at a car show or concours showcase

Key Features 1.Perfect cleaning glass, gauge clusters, navigation screens, mirrors, and more 2.Absorbs dirt and debris for streak-free glass Lint free & scratch free 3.Premium soft towel

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