Chemical Guys Premium Dressing, Wax & Conditioner Applicator Pad - LARGE
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Chemical Guys Premium Dressing, Wax & Conditioner Applicator Pad - LARGE


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About This Applicator

The Large Race Stripe Applicator Pad spreads dressing, conditioner, and wax on interiors and exteriors. This large applicator pad is made with an easy-to-grip premium poly sponge encased in a durable cotton terry knit weave. The durable weave works great for gentle scrubbing on leather upholstery, vinyl door panels, and plastic dashboards and trim pieces. The durable applicator pad absorbs and stores dressings and cleaners after repeated uses, and is machine washable for long life. Use the Large Race Stripe Applicator to spread leather conditioners, leather serums, plastic and rubber shine creams, and even car wax. The light scrubbing action is perfect for gentle leather cleaning, and even for removing bugs, tar, and sap from sensitive car paintwork. Choose the Large Race Stripe Premium Dressing & Conditioner Applicator Pad for focused and accurate application and cleaning jobs inside and outside any vehicle.

Pick The Perfect Applicator For The Right Job

Chemical Guys is the innovative leader in car care products and accessories. Choose the right applicator for the right job for the best results. The Large Race Stripe Applicator is ideal for repeated usage of your favorite Chemical Guys leather conditioner, tire shine dressing, and rubber or plastic trim protectant. Use the Race Stripe Applicator for gentle cleaning on leather and vinyl upholstery, apparel, and accessories like seats, fine bags, shoes, and more. The Race Stripe Applicator even cleans stuck on bugs and bird droppings from exterior paintwork, glass, and plastic without damaging the surface or causing scratches or swirls. Easily scrub leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, paintwork, and glass with the gentle cleaning powers of the Large Race Stripe Applicator Pad. Always start with the least-aggressive cleaning products and methods before busting out the big guns: choose the Large Race Stripe Applicator Pad for gentle cleaning and dressing applications inside and outside any vehicle.

Key Features 1.Extra large applicator pad 5.5" x 4.5" x 1" 2.Use on leather upholstery, plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim and tires, and more 3.Spreads conditioners, protectants, dressings, polishes, and waxes smoothly and evenly

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