Chemical Guys-Interior Quick Detailer(473ml)
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Sale Chemical Guys-Interior Quick Detailer(473ml)

Chemical Guys-Interior Quick Detailer(473ml)


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Perfect For Quick Detailing

The unique InnerClean formula easily removes dust, dirt, and body oils from any interior surface while restoring the original OEM appearance. Dust and dirt can make a vehicles interior appear old and neglected. InnerClean restores the crisp, clean, factory-fresh look of automotive interiors. Blended with dust-repelling technology and zero-residue formula, InnerClean repels dirt and dust, keeping your interior cleaner for longer. Simply spray InnerClean on a microfiber towel and wipe away dirt, dust, fingerprints, and body oil in seconds. The gentle conditioners blended into InnerClean nourish plastic and vinyl to restore a rich OEM appearance. Using InnerClean makes interior detailing fast, easy, and effective.

Advanced Protection Against UV Damage

Without proper protection against harsh UV sunlight, plastic and vinyl parts can crack and fade. Cleaning and treating interior surfaces with InnerClean infuses them with premium sunblockers and UV rejectors to protect them from degrading in sunlight. Wipe down interior surfaces with InnerClean after every car wash for a fresh look and protection against UV light damage.

Anti-Static Technology

Chemical Guys blended InnerClean with an advanced anti-static formula to repel dust and dirt from treated surfaces. InnerClean cleans interior contamination, then repels dust and dirt, causing it to simply slide off the surface. Surfaces treated with InnerClean stay cleaner for longer and are easier to wipe clean over time. Drive around with the top down with no worries of airborne dust, dirt, or grime.

How To Use:


  1. Apply a few lights sprays of InnerClean to a clean microfiber towel.

  2. Gently wipe the interior surface to remove dirt, dust and body oils.

  3. Once the surface is cleaned, flip over the microfiber towel to a clean side and buff off any excess product revealing a crisp OEM finish.

  4. InnerClean can be applied to any interior surface, including painted material.

  5. Apply InnerClean to every interior surface to ensure proper protection.How To Use

Key Features 1.Works on plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, glass, and more 2.Perfect for LCD navigation screens, steering wheels, and seats 3.Advanced UV protection helps protect against cracking and fading

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