CarzSpa Ultra Gloss Shampoo 20Ltr
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CarzSpa Ultra Gloss Shampoo 20Ltr


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CarzSpa Ultra Gloss Car shampoo is a highly concentrated blend of mild surfactants and cleaners with gloss conditioners & optical brighteners that actually clean & enhance the shine of painted vehicles each time it is used. Neutral based pH-balanced car shampoo does not contain acids or alkali and will not remove durable Polishes or Wax. The product is so mild that it can be used every day for an awesome looking car. Our Car Wash Shampoo is rich to both clean and condition paint. Its advanced formula gently takes away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without stripping wax protection. Ultra rich paint conditioners enhance color and clarity, leaving paint looking awesome. Thick rich foam when used in Foam gun provides silky lubrication to help prevent swirl marks caused by abrasive dirt being washed off the car surface. Directions To Use: Make sure all windows are closed. Hose any excess dirt of the car, beginning at the roof and working down to tires. Spray some tar remover on the cloth and scrub the tar to remove from the car surface. Make a dilution of Car shampoo in a foam gun filled to make thick foam. Spray and spread on whole body with thick rich foam from top to bottom. Use wash mitt gloves, scrub the car surface, windows and windshield to remove the tough dirt, bugs and other containments. Thick rich foam provides silky lubrication to help prevent swirl marks caused by abrasive dirt being washed off the car surface Rinse off the car surface with water jet or Steamjet. Dry out the car thoroughly with chamois or Microfiber cloth to blot the water from the surface. Ensure the cloth is clean. Clean the window, windshield with glass cleaner from inside / outside for clear vision. Glass cleaner can get the windows a little clearer than can just car shampoo and water. Polish the metal or chrome bumpers, grills to give shine & luster. Apply the dressing to all black bumpers, grills and rubber beading to restore "sparkling New Look"

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