Carzspa Premium Black Shine Tire Foam + Dashboard Protectant (Pack of 12)
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Carzspa Premium Black Shine Tire Foam + Dashboard Protectant (Pack of 12)


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6 units Carzspa Premium Black Shine Tire Foam

6 units Carzspa PremiumDashboard Protectant

Carzspa Premium Black Shine Tire Foam500ML

This foam based tire dresser gives a glossy shine to the tires. Its foam clings and penetrates the rubber lifting up the dirt and grease from tires.

It requires no wiping; the foam breaks clear on the tire surface making no mess.

The tire dresser clings to the tire surface even through rain and washings.

It not only cleans tires but also nourishes and conditions the tire rubber, thus extending its life span.

Directions for use:

  1. Very easy to use, just spray and forget.
  2. No need of wiping.

Carzspa PremiumDashboard Protectant500ML

Cleans, protects and maintains your dashboard. Its non greasy formula repels dust of the surface and protects against re-soiling and ageing.

Provides UV rays protection and restores glossy shine to the surface.

Leaves a pleasant sweet fragrance behind.

Brings back that new dashboard look.

Suitable for all types of plastics and vinyl surfaces.

Directions for use:

  1. Clean the surface first before spraying.
  2. Spayron the clean dashboard surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth.
Brand Carzspa

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