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CarzSpa – India's Largest Network of Car Detailing Studios!

CarzSpa is pioneer of professional chain of world class car detailing studios in India. Established in 2006 and started distributing franchisees since 2007.

Almost a decade in the industry and still core of our business is car detailing. We use machines/products that are needed to detail a car to the inches and for that we are always open to upgrade our technologies. We do not aim at selling some specific machines/products to the franchisees. The only aim of CarzSpa is to provide world class car detailing even into the smallest corner of India.

A brief on CarzSpa concept

An example will help us understand it more clearly, when we take a bath is like a car wash & when we go to spa/salon for beauty treatment/therapy is like going to CarzSpa!

Washing is not enough to maintain our car and its beauty for longer time. It requires interior cleaning, paint correction & refinement, polishing, waxing, glass coatings, head light polishing and many such treatments which are known as car detailing services.


How fruitful is car detailing industry?

Along with number of cars growing in India, car detailing is also growing its potential. New cars are hitting road by 10% increase every year. Near about 2 Lac cars are coming on road every month and it is way cheaper to maintain a car than buying new one and that is where car detailing comes into the picture.

Car detailing is a business that can never go out of fashion or need. It serves to all the class of people with its various services right from reasonable rates to premium rates.

CarzSpa’s Operational Outlets!

Success of any franchise depends on the number of functional outlets which shows the practical & economic feasibility of the concept and support given to franchisees.

A decade of existance and CarzSpa has the largest chain of detailing studio,

  1. 60+ operational franchisees across the nation
  2. Only Indian detailing brand expanded international. We serve at Oman, Bhutan & Kenya.

 Check out number of our outlets in detail at

Amazing detailing job done by our franchisees

We would love to show case our franchisees' achievements. CarzSpa has proudly detailed Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborgini, Super bikes like harley davidson, Indian scout etc, A missile namely "Brahmos", Motor boats and even a small commercial flight.

Here are some of the awesome done cars and other vehicles at various CarzSpa studios,

 carsatcarzspa.jpg wonderscarzspa.jpg


You too love cars? Why don't you turn your passion to your business?

"It is said that no one works to fail". It is wise to have things at proper place from day 1 instead of discovering them later.

CarzSpa provides you a brand power, detailed trainings, know-hows on various conditions of car and climate affecting it, product  knowledge, customer mindset, business plan & strategy, early ROI, regular R&D, technology upgrades & guidance on business expansion, a sure shot formula to a succesful car detailing business. With us, If our 60+ franchisees can run well, so can you!


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